Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tales from SPAIN...Let´s Start at the End (or what was suppose to be).

So it turns out Europe changed the clocks last night at 2am.

Too bad that, although we were still out, they don’t exactly announce this at the discos (even if they’d be in SPANISH!!). Needless to say after a night of clubbing in Barcelona with Niki and all of our newest friends, I missed my flight to Frankfurt. The worst part is, I had nothing to do today so I just walked around town. However, I did get to enjoy one last day and it was absolutely gorgeous outside, it was cloudy our whole Barcelona stay.

When I arrived at the airport, with my 70 plus pounds of luggage, I waited in a few long lines only to find out that instead of still having 1 hour and 15 minutes until my flight, it was closed and boarded. Nice. Well, our tour guide did tell us in Sevilla that “tourism is not mathematics, and sometimes 2 + 2 = 5" she was very right about that. Not terribly upset though, thankfully it has been such a great trip so far that nothing could ruin it and I still love Spain just as much.

The airlines here do things differently than in the states. I am quite the frequent flier these days but I wasn’t good enough to get myself anywhere today. I was able to get there tomorrow for free though, which turns out was quite the accomplishment. One woman told me they couldn’t get me there until April 1st (still 2 days away) and it would cost me an extra €162 Euros (aka about $235), yikes. I threw on the Ashter charm for the next airline I tried and was able to get on a flight tomorrow for free.

Phew, Niki’s book is right. It’s always better to love everyone and treat them all with your best because you’ll get a lot farther in life. I know this from lots of experience. I’ve managed to get very lucky many times and know it will continue. It’s not that only some people are lucky, it’s just that the others don’t ask for it… So I’ll be asking for a little more luck tomorrow and arriving at the airport a few hours early this time, yes I changed my watch.

I´m ready to take on Germany now

** I found out later that Niki also missed her flight back to the States…she stayed at a hostel down the road. Major lack of communication there.

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