Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My First Takes on the infamous BEIRUT

 -They drive like mad, I mean MAD!
-Boys say anything they think out loud - and they shouldn't
-Signs and stories of war everywhere
-Full of friendly and generous people - or maybe it's just that Dom's fam is amazing ;)
-Fabulously Christian for an Arab country
-You can have as many helpers as family members in your house
-Gorgeous mountainous views over the sea from almost everywhere!
-Everywhere you look there is a billboard selling a bathing suit or wedding dress
- Its similar to a European city, only next to the gorgeous downtown (Solidere) there are half bombed un-refurbished buildings, Mosques and Cathedrals lining the streets 
-I need to learn french...
-The story of the flag makes me want to cry and praise the Lebanese at the same time
-They smoke EVERYwhere. Starting the second they exit the plane
-Up down, Up down: Lebanon is like my horse riding lessons, up and down the mountains !
-As I live on my third continent my '6 degrees of separation' has become 3
-And lastly, I get it, I look Lebanese...French classes starting soon :)

Visit #2 in two weeks...


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