Monday, April 29, 2013

Exactly one month left of my 20s!! Eek!

When you’re a kid (or you are my 27 year old flatmate) you think WOW 30 is OLD! By then I guess I will have a husband, kids, a pet or two and a white picket fence...

I blew that one out of the water! OK so I’ve never been a white picket fence kind of girl, always trying the road less traveled and figuring it out along the way. But growing up in Alabama I didn’t think I would be a single, professional, city girl at 30. I don’t own anything (car, house, flat) but that’s ok with me, I am sure my carbon footprint is very low - especially because I cycle everywhere I go!

Thankfully many of my closest friends beat me to 30 and have shown that it isn’t much different than 27, 8 or 9! Turns out a 78 year old man finished the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago, even after being knocked off his feet by a bomb. 40 is the new 30, 70 is the new 50 and my Gran is looking great a month before her 89th birthday! (she’s also a Gemini, like me!)

So how do I feel about turning 30? Not bad! I’ve accomplished a lot in my first 30 years. I’ve traveled a lot of the world (just missing Asia and LatAm), I’ve worked in all of the Uniteds’! (USA, UAE, UK), I live in London, my favorite city in the world, I have stunning friends, a great job, I will soon live in an amazing flat, and I’m traveling for 2 weeks: London > Florence > Amalfi Coast > Rome > London with my family to celebrate! Not much to complain about these days, there’s no where I would rather be...I’m ready. Bring on the 30s....

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