Sunday, May 4, 2008

Staying afloat in London: Rain Rain Go Away

They say it rains a lot in London-- unfortunately they weren't kidding.  Why did I decided to travel in the rainiest countries, during APRIL of all months? I think there has been more rain than shine on my trip.  Thankfully I've got enough shine to outlast this bad weather and I'm looking forward to the nice summer back in good old Tennessee.  I'm in London for 10 days and it's rained everyday :( Yesterday was the nicest day by far, but there was still a little down pour when I was leaving the Battersea Park.  It was so sad, the day had been gorgeous, warm and sunny, it made me remember why I loved London so much.  The park was packed! Millions of kids were running around playing football and riding bikes. I don't think I've ever seen that many kids in NYC! Central Park is more of a big kid playground, Battery Park in NYC usually has all the kids, but no where near this many.  Maybe London is a better place to raise kids than NYC??  Who knows. I still love London, but is it for me? I'm not sure.  

If you're traveling to London don't forget to pack all the right gear: rain coat, shoes that can get wet, an umbrella (though I've heard some people just gave up on carrying one and since storms are usually pretty short. They just wait them out- not my bag baby but whatev).  

Maybe that's why all the museums in London are free? So people can enjoy the art while they wait out the storms?  I know that's what we usually did when we weren't riding around on the double decker buses so we could at least see the sights while staying dry.  The only problem with the bus was, we'd settle in on the top deck and then the windows of the bus would start fog up! Loads of people seemed to have the same idea. You can't really enjoy the views when you have to keep wiping the window clear (at least London has a lot of free daily newspapers so I could use the face of the slime ball Austrian man who kept his kids locked in the cellar's face to wipe the windows- yuck what is happening in the world?).

When the sun finally comes out in London-- stay outside as long as you can!! (I'm obviosly not out there right's not raining but it sure looks like it's going to soon...)


Working Girl Two said...

i just happened upon your blog. it is inspiring. i would love to travel around europe again. i studied abroad in college and need, need to go back!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I also found your blog from the etorch website. I live and work in Brussels for 7 years after moving here at 24. If it is your dream to live in Europe, then you can make it happen!