Friday, April 25, 2008

On the way to Amsterdam: Pit-stop for FLOWERS!

4/19/2008 Keukenhof: Lisse, Holland

My family planned a two week holiday to show my cousins some of Europe’s highlights, starting in Amsterdam. I hadn’t ever been to Amsterdam so decided to train up and meet them while they were there. I was apprehensive about going on my own so this was the perfect opportunity. On the train ride up Saturday morning I overheard two American boys talking about doing drugs, women, eating brownies on the plan ride over, and how they’d warned all of their friends they probably wouldn’t email/contact them until after 4/20. 4/20?!?! OMG, I pulled up my sleeve to check my watch and sure enough I was on my way to Amsterdam just in time to celebrate 4/20/2008. Nice. At this point I’m thinking the city would be extra crazy but turns out 4/20 is just an American ‘holiday’ if you can call it that! None the less I was in for a treat.

[Side note] I took a 7:40am train to arrive in Amsterdam at 1:25pm and you wouldn’t believe the amount of alcohol that was consumed on these trains as early as 9am…respectable looking everyday people just drink beer and wine here like it’s water.

We spent the first day at the Keukenhof, which is a flower ‘museum?’ outside Amsterdam. Not sure what it would be called- basically it is tourist central and full of amazing flowers which were blooming all around. There are acres and acres of tulips, daffodils and masses of other incredible flowers.
*Cousins- Tammy and Cora
*Plus Matt in this one...
*My family- Uncle Michael, Aunt Dianne, Cora & Matt
*OMG in heaven again! Just leave me here, actually don't TOO MANY TOURISTS!

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Camels & Chocolate said...

I lived in Holland for six months (albeit the fall) and never got to see tulips -- jealous!