Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love at first sight…

One week in…and happy as can be! Thee years ago, when I moved from Tennessee to NYC on my own I was a wreck. With no friends, making pennies, and starting from scratch at my very first job. Ha, those weren’t the days! Of course looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. I quickly made friends, got promoted and fell madly in love with marvelous New York City! By the end I walked miles on end just for fun, I could kick your butt at any class offered by the NYSC, get to the airport with my eyes shut and point you in the direction of the best sushi, pizza, Mexican or blueberry pancakes in town.

Arriving in London was a million times easier, I’m home! I spent my first weekend trotting all over town with, my savior, Dawn (BTW, I already have friends!). It was great having a friend tag along to meet all the random flat shares. We saw places in West Hampstead, Bayswater, and Fulham. Each one was better than the last. The first place was a bit dodgy and far from the tube…one bathroom for 5 people, yikes. The next flat only had 4 people but all Dawn could ask was, “Do you guys have a cleaner? Or are you thinking about getting one?” Ha, NEXT! Flat #3 was also quite a trek and although the living room and kitchen + private garden were great the house had 7 flatmates! Welcome to London.

My favorite neighborhood so far is Notting Hill/Bayswater, but the going is tough in this area. This is almost harder than sorority rushing. You show up at a flat, get a tour, get interviewed, and then are ushered out the door as the next potential flatmate arrives to vie for your room! It’s crazy and exhausting. I didn’t get the one place I’ve really wanted so far and for no good reason…I don’t even know why. Apparently I didn’t pass the test.

I’ve seen four flats since and the two today were good options. I can live a little farther out then I wanted, but still close to work in Notting Hill, with a couple; or in a penthouse in Maida Vale with three flatmates! I don’t have much time to ponder, by tomorrow afternoon I have to tell them whether or not I’m interested, then they’ll decide if they are interested! Ahh.

Back to why I love London, because it sure isn’t for the crazy flat hunting adventures. I’ve already been here two weekends. Time really flies. My first weekend on Saturday night we re-lived Slushy Sunday’s at Dawn and Toby’s- only it was Saturday and nothing was thrown at the wall, oh wait, just the poor innocent Mac J but that’s another story. Later we met friends at Eclipse and sipped the watermelon specialty! I had no idea the amount of work that went into the drink until I ended up at the other Eclipse the following weekend, Jim and I were quite entertained by the crafty bartenders cutting, mixing and shaking.

After the absolutely gorgeous weekend (I brought the sunshine! My first weekend was so sunny and warm!! I don’t want it to end…) I started my new job at CNN. It was a busy week and there is a lot to learn. I’d feel a lot better if I wasn’t rushing off every night to see flats all over town. But I’m settling in and managed to make time for drinks Wednesday and Thursday…what can I say, you know me the social Gemini. I work with the Middle East and Africa and randomly met one of my clients out and about Thursday after work. He (the son of an African President) just happened to be at the same bar; probably because, I shouldn’t have been there with drinks at £12.50 a pop (for my American crew that’s $24! I know, yikes, but you can’t take it back if you said you’d visit-start saving).

In my one week and counting I’ve seen part of a Vols game, ventured out in the rain, gotten lost at least every other day, ok maybe once a day, been to a museum (because it’s about the only thing you can do for free!), made lots of new mates and tried to get everyone I know to join Skype-- because its just so fun!

Cheers! Cross your fingers that my next blog is about my new flat!!

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Anonymous said...

I am loving reading all about your super exciting adventures! I too am a HUGE fan of traveling:) I know it's been forever but it's so fantastic to see what you've been up to, keep on truckin' girl! ~Lesley Hunter Bastura