Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lovin' London- at home in Bayswater

Half way through my 8th week in London and still loving every second of it! Since I last wrote I’ve done nothing but work and play…and loads of both!!

When I last wrote I was in the midst of the awful flat hunt. I am happy to report that I not only found a place but I’ve lived here almost a month already! I love my new abode. Unlike what I’m use to (tiny apartments in NYC or my lovely loft in TN) I actually live in a house (flat)! It’s 3 stories, 5 bedrooms, and I know my NYC friends will be jealous because we have a washing machine and a garden!! They come standard here (washers, not gardens, we are lucky to have such a big garden), but in NYC it’s like striking gold to find a place with one! So I’m still a bit elated when it comes to having a washer, I take nothing for granted these days. Especially not sunny mornings when I’m walking to work through Hyde Park, God that’s the best!

*Pics of the new flat, flatmates preparing for our big holiday party, and our garden!

Walking to and from work is one of my favorite things, and I’m so glad I found a home within walking distance! I figured out last week that it doesn’t even really save me any money, but it doesn’t matter because that 40 minutes of fresh air before and after work makes all the difference during the crazy busy work week.

The flat is in Bayswater, close to Notting Hill, 3 minutes to Hyde Park, 2 minutes from two different tube stops, there are numerous grocery stores within a few blocks, and just about any variety of food you could desire.

Back to the 5 bedrooms part…yes that translates into I have 4 flatmates! I live with a British bloke, American guy, Aussie girl & an American girl. It’s a nice mix and everyone has such busy schedules that we sometimes go days without even seeing each other. So that’s it! I’m waiting on the rest of my belongings to be shipped from Tennessee then I’ll be completely at home. Its kind of nice only having a few suitcases worth of stuff, it makes you realize how much extra junk you accumulate over the years.

*Most of my new flatmates... 1st Pic-Lauren and Shannon. 2nd Pic- New bf Kaitlin and flatmate James. I'll have to get a pic of Mike!

One last thing, I’m sorry my American friends…I don’t know if I’ll ever come back. I’ve felt completely at home here since the second I landed, and it’s only growing on me…

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