Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween 2008 London Style!

This year it came down to the LAST minute, I was pretty sad when I didn’t think I was going to end up dressing up or having Halloween plans. But never fear, my friend came through with two parties, and my boss just happened to have devil horns, light up red wings, and a wand laying around! I knew I had to get it together when a German guy was texting me “come on Ashley, if the German is dressing up the AMERICAN girl has to!”

Next thing I knew I’d rushed around picking up costume supplies and taken the tube to Oval (South London). Party #1 was great, lots of good food, cute decorations and crazy costumes. After a bit we hopped on the tube and headed north, time for party #2. This one was way far North, probably the farthest north I’ve been actually. The tube ride there was quite interesting, we sat with a few Gladiators who had to use their swords to cover their…since their skirts weren’t really cutting it. Turns out there are a couple Kentish Town tubes…one west one regular and we of course were at the wrong one! We hopped in a cab because a fake cop and little devil really shouldn’t be roaming around lost too far in the cold.

It turned out to be a great evening; and according to a friend, we went farther in one night than she’s been in London in a year!

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Katy said...

yeahhh!! i can't believe i'm just now reading these! and i'm totally a part of it :) Happy to have my partner in crime!