Thursday, November 27, 2008


This year I'm thankful for more than ever, I’m thankful that/for…

I have a job. And a good one!
I’m healthy
family & friends- new & old
I live in my favorite city! London
my long hair & straight teeth :)
I’m happier than ever
I walk to work
I found an awesome flat & new London friends
being awake to all my blessings
my new church HTB
funny conversations with my grams
I’m young and single (& a girl!) in the big city
friends who call or visit
Facebook which keeps me ridiculously connected
how can I forget my Fav gadget- I'm even using it now to log all this before I forget! My iPhone!!

Most of all I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities life’s thrown at me & that I was brave enough to run with them!

Cheers to all- American or not. Have an amazing day & don't forget to be thankful for your blessings.


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Valérie said...

London is such an amazing city! I love it :) Right now, I'm living in France and next year I'll move to Birmingham in the West Midlands to do my Master's degree. I can't wait. I'm actually working on a list of 100 things I should do while being in England. Any suggestion?