Friday, December 25, 2009

South Africa - Here I come!!!

Today is the day- the day Nat and I have been counting down towards
since, well it's been so long I'm not really sure! The alarm went off
at 530am and it was time to head to Heathrow for the first of our many
flights (LHR-Abu Dhabi, AD-Jo'burg, Jb-Durban, phew exhausted
already). We saved a lot of money by connecting on Etihad. So far so
good - We ended up with our own row of 4 seats with pillows, blankets,
nice headphones, tvs & loads of movies, plus a little goodie flight
bag which will def be my new camera/iPod case! Nat would like to add -
that yes, our seats are really cool! We are happy campers. I was esp.
when we got the menu and found out we are getting a traditional
Christmas turkey lunch!

I was a bit nervous about today because I've never flown so far with
so many connections, 17 days worth of stuff including presents -all on
Christmas eve. Thankfully last nite I lightened my load a bit and am
feeling quite good about the trip. I know so much about South Africa
already because of work and friends and cannot wait to see all these
amazing places I've heard so much about!!! One moe sleep, as the South
Africans would say, and I'll be in SA!!!

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thobeka said...

How was your SA trip? :)