Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas - not quite the same in the Summer!

23 hours of travel later we arrived at Nat's dad’s house in Pietermaritzburg (close to Durban). My shower felt like heaven, Nat called me twice to come to the front porch for tea, but I just couldn't get out!

The view from their house is stunning- you can see Pietermaritzburg and the rolling green hills. Everyone in South Africa has pools and trampolines! So far it's not too different from America except for the Taxis!

Nats warned me back in London that there'd be crazy taxis/public transport - which had no rime or reason. They just pick up and drop off when you flag them. Today, on Christmas day, when Just took us for a drive we passed a few and the description was right on...there were loads of people piled into the car, all drinking, dancing and partying. Did I mention it was 1pm? At the petrol station one of the taxi buses was parked mostly full with the other passengers dancing next to the van. Wow. Merry Christmas...
We tried to go to the Piggly Wiggly Market (nope it's not the same as the Alabama grocery store!) but it was closed. Next Justin took us to see a gorgeous waterfall…

and then tried to take the fun way home through the bush. Again I feel like I'm in Bama- as we hot the land rover stuck in the mud on our way up the hill!

To which little Julia (Nats 7yr old step sis) asked 'Great. Stuck in the mud on Christmas. What are we going to do about all the presents??' never fear Just reversed the whole way back and we were home in time for a delic Christmas lunch and presents with the Wills family.

Merry Christmas!!! xxx

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