Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Two in SA - getting ready for Safari

In TN you buy a bed mosquito net for looks. For the first time I'm sleeping in the bush under a net and it's the real thing. We arrived in Hluhluwe and checked into our cute little cottage in time to have a swim, go on a walk through the forest and top it off with my first South African braai. From the pool we saw a few wilderbeasts and impalas. The lodge is full of families with small kids but after the pool we didn't run into anyone but the lovely owner.

It's quite peaceful here.

It's also steaming hot. We had dinner outside and spent the evening chilling in the cool breeze but now we are sweating in bed because the ac doesn't work well. The windows are open but there is no breeze and I'm a bit worried about something climbing in! I was already lucky enough to discover a hairy brown spider in the loo earlier. Yikes. Time for bed. 4am wakeup call for my first safari tomorrow!

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