Sunday, January 17, 2010

On our way to George & Plett

Up early again, 6:15am wake up to make it back to Durban for 12:55 flight to George! Justin is a pilot for Airlink (SAA) and has graciously gotten Nat and I seats on the flight for a minimal fee; compared to over R2,000 or about £200 - its high season here and we are on our way to Plettenburg Bay for the Kurland Polo, which are both extremely popular.

We made it to the airport with plenty of time, as Nat would say, it was all ‘cool in the pool’, but we had to wait until 12:25 to find out if we were going to be let on the plane! As standby passengers on a fully booked flight things weren't looking great. I wasn't worried at all, this may be the most chilled I've ever been on vaca, but Nats planned so well that I am just along for the ride. I hope they didn't find my ease rude, but I had faith and luckily I was right! Their stress was wiped away when they took our bags and gave us seats! No jump seats for us! Though as I type this Nat is in the cockpit! She sat with the pilots for take off and the last hour. I've just had my gross veg sando (let me say when you're almost a vegetarian and you don't eat cheese it's sometimes hard to eat) anyway, I'm next in the pit and get to sit with the captains for landing! All thanks to Justin! What a trip. On day 4 I've already had two family Christmas', swam in the sea, been on safari (saw 13 animals and 40 bird species), been up and down the eastern coast and I'm about to ride in the cockpit with the pilots!

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