Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 4 of work - Thursday

Our first stop was the local Women’s cooperative, here we learned about the women, how they are making the bowls to try to come out of poverty and to support them by buying some of their gorgeous bowls. Happy to say they made a killing of us!

Time to work - day 4 at the site and things are really moving along. 
Emma and I were on shovelling duty with Dominique then we helped him fill and carry water jugs from the water tank.

The tank became the hot spot. The crowd of kids grew but it stayed small enough to be interactive and amazing. The head student led the pack and though she wouldn't admit it, spoke more English than she'd use; but it was so fun (and exhausting!) learning to communicate with them. They found a piece of chalk a d wrote Emma and I’s names on the water tank, then later between runs they would chat with me and write words on the tank for me to read in Kinyarwanda. I have no idea what some of the words meant but from the smiles the teachers gave when they passed by I think it was all good fun.

The kids are so sweet and smart. They are growing up with just a few bits of clothes (most of them have had on the same outfit everyday this week) and they are so resourceful. Many of them don't even have shoes or water within a kilometre of their home (I wouldn't call them houses) but they wake up each morning by the rooster's crowing and make their way to school. They get water wherever they can and make due with what they have - which isn't much. Even the guys we are working with building don't have anything. No shoes, gloves and def no hardhats. Thankfully we are all leaving out supplies here for them buy wow. I show up everyday in my new steel toed boots, drink endless supplies of water and have 3 meals, bigger then I'd have at home... 

All the Rwandanes I've met deserve a great deal of credit for their extremely hard work ethic - and not to forget their charm!

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