Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SHAME!!! Andy's locked in the loo!

OMG we are home from the polo and I've already climbed in bed. Nats is in the kitchen making the boys ham & cheese sandos and all of the sudden I hear 'hey guys...' coming from Andy in the loo, who I've only just met (he drove all day from Durban to meet up with us, 12 hours, yuck).

'um, the key broke in the lock and I can't get out...' what? No way? 
It's 2Am, Nat, Just and I have been drinking since 2pm and what are we suppose to do? Wow.

Justin and Nat try to key the lock and finally decide there are two choices.

1. Kick in the door
2. Call a locksmith

Luckily we went for the cheaper option #2 and tried to ring a few locksmiths. No luck, one didn't answer the other said it opened at 6am. That's four hours from now.

Sweet Justin asked Andy, 'sorry mate, they don’t open till 6am, can you make till then?'

'That’s too early, I'll still be sleeping at 6.'
Who is this kid?!?  Love it.

Meanwhile I must admit, I was in my bed listening to all the drama but not too much help. What a mess. We all ended up going to bed and Poor Andy was locked in the loo, sleeping with only a towel in the bath tub till 9:30am!


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