Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Next stop Plettenburg Bay!

We picked up our rental car and stopped at the shopping mall for a few things- on our way back to the car I was in a bit of awe as I realized how gorgeous the mountains behind the parking lot were! The only place I've been like it in the states is Colorado...how many places can you grocery shop next to an unreal mountain veiw?

From George we drove to Plettenburg Bay to check into our self-catering villa on the Goose Valley Golf Resort. I actually managed to stay awake on the drive from George to Plett and thank goodness because it was one of the most beautiful drives I've ever been on. Most of the way there we drove with a bay and mountains on our left and the sea or bay, boats, restaurants and shops on our right. We drove through 'the Wilderness' and it was all simply amazing.

When we got to our place we were all pleasantly surprised by how lovely the accommodation turned out to be and after unloading Justin and I went for runs, separately, as I like to run alone. And I'm really glad because I was on cloud nine!!!

As I ran through the estate the sun started to set and the blues, pinks and white clouds painted such an amazing backdrop. I was sooo happy! I haven't worked out in days and the Christmas eating extravaganza is killing me. So I listened to great tunes on my iPod and ran around the place twice, plus a little stop for a jump on the trampoline! Ah, it felt so good! I can't wait to do it again tomorrow - before our all day drinking fest at the Kurland Polo tourney!! Nite nite.

P.S. I borrowed these pics from: www.rummage.co.za, I was to busy enjoying the schenery for once to take pics!!!

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