Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kurland Polo tournament 2009

Another gorgeous day. First morning in Plett and I'm off for another run! Ah- I can't wait to have my healthy routine back, the holidays are killing me. We cooked a healthy egg & veg scramble for breakie and ate on the porch.

We needed to be in town at 1 to meet everyone for the Kurland Polo tournament, but first we made a quick stop at the cute shops in town and had a little wander. There was a little piazza behind some of the shops with the cutest coffee shop/bakery, a book store and few clothes shops.

When Nat was finished getting her hair done we headed to meet everyone at the Woolworths shopping centre. While we waited for Just to pick us up I noticed Nats dress had a big rip right on her butt!  Oh no! We already on our way, the deliberation began, what to do...

Thankfully Justin realized that there was a piece of the dress on Nats arm that could be pinned up to cover the hole! Amazing. She rushed into a shop and declared her fashion emergency! The ladies in the shop were stunning and rushed her to the back of the shop where they sorted it all out! Good as new. She ended up buying a pretty pink back up dress from them just in case and we were ready to party.

We arrived at the Polo (South Africa vs. Australia) just after 2pm.  The grounds were set back off the main road in the most beautiful scenery with a mountainous backdrop plus green trees and fields all around. Stunning.  

We had a box for our crew of 30 stocked with champagne, gin, wine, and beer. Thankfully I knew some of the crew already. Within
2 mins of arrival our first glass of champagne was in hand, I'm a happy camper! This is bliss; the sun is shining, there are beautiful people everywhere, and it just an amazing atmosphere.


We spent the day drinking, sunning and chatting away. I mean closely watching the polo match :) No, I actually did watch a bit! I hit it off straight away with a few of Nat and Katie's girlfriends and by the end of the day we were all old mates.

After the match everyone disperses to the different bars and the party carries on for hours to come. The dj played in the tent and we danced the night away.
The sun and booze got the better of a few people and towards the end of the night a few random, too much testosterone fights broke out. Nat informed me that this is a common occurrence in SA. There are a ton of uber buff guys running around here. I guess like the rhino we saw in Hluhluwe they like to mark their territory.

Nats met a few 'rock stars' aka Hipsters who actually turned out not to be in a band at all! Ha. She thought he was beautiful though so whatever floats her boat.

Last stop of the night was Carnuti’s the hoppin pizza place/bar in town where we ran into a few of the other polo'rs and I met a random girl who turned out to be my new bf. We danced a bit, stole someone’s uneaten pizza since the kitchen was already closed and eventually called it a night.


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